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Integrity Markets Description


Integrity Markets (IEX)

Your cryptocurrency market with integrity!


Integrity Market has been developed by a core team that specializes in User Integration(UI) of new age internet development.  We have worked together for over 12 years primarily in the role of taking a new infrastructure and creating a series of systems that provides real world use to everyday users.  A metaphor for this is to think of the railroad.  We don’t build the trains or the tracks.  We build the stations and depots that bring use to them.

Cryptocurrency is one of the worlds fastest growing and explosive markets of our time.  Internally we often refer to it as, “The Wild West”.  There is little order as prospectors run free to stake a claim to a mine.  Although this has ignited the growth it has also brought with it a feeling of chaos and insecurity to many of those on the outside looking in.  In our mission to expand the use capabilities of this new technology we first see an need to provide a sense of security to these people looking in.

ICOs and Market Listings of tokens backed only by a white paper and no real company with a tangible service or product litter the tracks.  IEX’s design is to verify all ICO and Market Listing applications.    Our goal is to provide a system in which investor’s and those looking in can feel confident that our listings are indeed real companies.

We bring security in the form of our hardware and code.  We have developed systems for or in partnership with companies such as IBM, Cisco, Sprint, Equifax, and PDS Tech amongst many others.  IEX also falls under FINCEN licensing in the US.  This license makes us a legal corporation to buy, sell, trade, and dispense currency.  We will continuously monitor for and Federal Regulations that may come that will need to be adhered to.

                IEX will be the place that both those who have been involved in cryptocurrency for a long time and those who are currently leery of this market will be able to meet.  For this market to continue to grow and fulfill it’s prom

                To lead in our quest to bring companies that already are corporations and have a tangible products or service we developed the core of our system prior to launching an ICO.  IEX is opening our ICO and launching our system in unison as a fully functional product.  The following are available both for desktop and mobile.   



                Our Market is fully functional.  We offer Buy and Sell Now capabilities that immediately deliver or sell tokens at the best available listed rates.  To go along these we provide the ability to place both Buy and Sell Orders that are placed into our system until a matching order is placed.  We have multiple dynamic data driven charts and tables for tracking and plotting trends.  These charts show HOLC, High Open Low Close, in candlestick form along with volumes.  We initially are displaying daily and by the minute charts.  For the initial phase of launching all trades are against ETH. 




                We offer 4 ways currently to purchase ICO tokens.  The traditional way by sending ETH to a given address allows non members to be able purchase them.  We also offer purchases with ETH inside what we call the IEX Balances section.  This is an off the blockchain or “cold wallet” transaction.  Delivery of both these ways is immediate upon our automated verification of the payment transaction.  We also offer both payments via Bank Wire and Check.  Tokens purchased by these method are neither put on hold or made available until funds are cleared.  They do provide alternative methods though.  Our ICOs are completely web based.   With interaction through the API we developed.  It is our belief at IEX that use of so called smart contracts to manage ICOs leaves little room for custom applications and once they are deployed for the most part they cannot be reversed or altered in any form.  We can fully customize to suit any needs to manage ICOs.


Token Creation


                To serve the needs of our customers who wish to use our services for ICO management and or to be listed on the Market we also provide the service of Token Creation and Deployment.  Tokens we deploy are fully erc20 compliant.  This service is also made available to those who may choose this as a stand alone service.


Blockchain Integration


Our team is ready to assist and develop middleware for our clients that bring their current project into union with the blockchain.  There are limitless uses for this technology.  As more people and organizations begin to incorporate it into their system our overall market will begin to both grow and develop that sense of trust with those outside of this community.




                At the core of the IEX system is our multi-faceted wallet system.  We use and provide both on the blockchain, “hot”, wallets and off the blockchain, “cold”, wallets.  Although some trusts’ to cryptocurrency believe in the 100% decentralized system this is not a reality.  Our view is that the blockchain is a means of movement.  The costs of transactions, gas, directly on the blockchain make it cost prohibitive for many real world commerce applications.  This makes small payments cost prohibitive.  The transaction delays that often take over a minute just for an initial return of success let alone confirmation of a good transaction over several blocks is also a major hold back in most real world applications.  The true value at a given moment of an account is not even a possibility to determine.  This is where a “cold” wallet come into affect.  With our “cold” wallet, or IEX Balances, instant payment verifications are possible.  We are able to charge a fraction of the cost of gas for transactions.   IEX Balacest have been developed to work directly with a blockchain account. 

It is the unison of these two separate, but linked systems that facilitate not only our current development, but also our plans and design to truly bring cryptocurrency to world.  In ways the differences in these types of wallets with each having their owns strengths mirrors that of standard currency types today.  We have credit / debit cards, checks, and cash.  Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. 


Developmental Phases


                Although IEX is fully functional we plan several additional phases of release.  The Core of the project is developed with designs of adding more functionality, tokens not in the ethereum chain such as Bitcoin, Credit Card and bank account processing, and trades based off coins other that ETH.  We also have proprietary development in different stages on projects we do not yet wish to make public as IEX desires to open these markets before a competitor is able to.


Initial Launch


                IEX has been running tests both inside the domain to ensure it’s functionality and security is at the highest possible levels.  We have also been testing on a separate domain well prior in hopes to keep this launch out of the public view until we announce it.  Our functionality is at 100% in our core areas.  The original launch and ICO target were adjusted as the banking institutions in collusion have moved to form a monopoly on currency by banning Credit Card and bank account payments for crypto currency.  This initial launch was to include those features.  IEX was forced for the moment to change directions and base trades solely off ETH. It is only a delay of the inevitable.



                We plan to incorporate Bitcoin in our 2nd phase.  We have a development node operational and have been testing  functionality as we begin to work on incorporating Bitcoin into our dual wallet system and the Market.  Upon it’s release, Bitcoin like ETH will be used as a token Market trades are made against.  We will also implement Bitcoin into the IEX ICO system to allow for ICO purchases to be completed with it. 


Android / IOIS


                We are in the design phase to create our own mobile apps for IEX.  We will create both Android and IOS apps that encompass all of the IEX functionality.  The current development of IEX has been designed from the start to enable us to move forward with development of the IEX mobile apps without complete re-development.  The technology we have chosen to build the structure of IEX on is perfectly suited to migrate to both android and IOS.   Our current mobile version of IEX is complete and fully functional.


Other Tokens


                There are several other tokens and cryptocurrency blockchains.  We have not begun development on these to date.  We will work to incorporate those we deem viable as the project continues to move forward.  Some of these tokens may be simply added into the Market for trade while others may become a token we allow trades to be based off.



                We will implement Credit Card and Bank Account processing once we secure a processing company that will approve payments for cryptocurrency. 



                As hinted at in the introduction statement of this section, we view the current base of IEX just as the core to the overall project and have many designs and plans in place to step well beyond what is currently being done within the cryptocurrency community.   Also as explained in the opening statement of this section we cannot yet fully disclose publicly our plans.  IEX’s vision is to make crypto currency part of everyday life globally.  The more train stations, depots, and destinations we can provide along the tracks will lead us out of the “wild west” and into everyday life.



                Why have we created an ICO for IEX?  To date IEX has been wholly funded internally by our development team.  We have no private investors.  As a team of developers we have a vision not only for IEX, but for cryptocurrency as a whole.  During the initial stages of development IEX had opportunity to bring in some major investors.  All of these desired controlling interest in the company.   We could have completed a deal at the cost of sacrificing our vision. The product that is IEX as it stand we feel is no less than in line with that of our competitors.   The intent of this ICO is to raise funds to allow us to bring online the planned phases of development, increase our hardware infrastructure for added security and performance, broadly market IEX, and have the required funds in reserve to ensure the ability to process credit / debit cards and bank accounts.  We also need to continue to stay above the regulations that the government may implement on this industry.   The room for growth in this industry for IEX is limitless.  There are 2 IEX ICO addresses.  Address 1 disperses tokens purchased from IEX Balances and are sent to the user’s “cold” IEX Balances wallet.  Address 2 disperses tokens live on the blockchain upon confirmed ETH transfer to this address and sends the purchased tokens to the sender’s address.  Both Addresses begin with the Total Supply of the ICO as a balance.  Their balances are automatically monitored and only the listed Total Supply can be dispersed.



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